Learn to Heed Warnings Of Diesel Engine Troubles

Issue 2 and Volume 123.

Learn to Heed Warnings Of Diesel Engine Troubles Apparatus Maintenance Most serious problems with diesel engine maintenance, like other component units of fire apparatus, do not occur suddenly, but exhibit warning of potential trouble by small signs or operating irregularity. It is the recognition of these warnings, and immediate correction of the developing problem, that marks good maintenance. One such warning is given visually by small drip spots of crankcase oil on the station floor immediately after a response. If the source of the oil drip is the crankcase vent tube, dip stick hole or governor breather tube, it is an indication of crankcase pressure buildup. The most probable causes are: Partially plugged strainer at the outlet in the crankcase for the ventilating tube. Excessive blow-by due to worn cylinders, pistons and rings. Stuck or broken piston rings. Scored or scuffed pistons and cylinders. Cracked piston or hole burned in…

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