Some Indicators That Show How Well You re Doing

Issue 2 and Volume 123.

Some Indicators That Show How Well You re Doing DEPARTMENTS The Volunteers Corner When you are praised for making “a good stop,” do you sometimes wonder if you really did? How a fire would have been affected by a different type of attack can be debatable. But there are positive actions that can indicate failure to follow basic principles of fire fighting. Often, it is a matter of timing. For example, we know that immediate ventilation can be necessary to get hose lines where they will be effective, to curtail the fire from mushrooming and even to do rescue work. I have seen a hole chopped in a roof to ventilate a blind attic so men could get in to search for concealed fire during overhaul of a large mercantile building that had been extensively burned. Here was an indication that the need for ventilation was recognized, but it was…

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