Kitchener, Ontario, Gets Fire Prevention Trailer

Issue 2 and Volume 123.

Kitchener, Ontario, Gets Fire Prevention Trailer A 22-foot trailer is adding new dimensions to the fire prevention efforts of the Kitchener, Ontario, Fire Department. Harold Hobson, chief fire prevention officer, reports that the Kitchener fire prevention mobile unit, as it is designated, is the first of its kind in Canada. The trailer, which went into service on October 6, is the brainchild of Inspector Ken Smiley. It was presented to the Kitchener Fire Department by the Kitchener Citizen’s Fire Prevention and Cleanup Committee, a group of citizens who have joined forces with the department’s fire prevention bureau to make the city a more firesafe and cleaner community. Rocket Trailers, Ltd., a local trailer manufacturer, put on a special night shift to complete the vehicle in time for its scheduled debut. Orr Automobiles in Kitchener agreed to donate a 1970 vehicle to haul the trailer. Putting the fire prevention message on…

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