Building Construction and Fire

Issue 3 and Volume 123.

Building Construction and Fire This is the second in a series of articles on building construction features that affect fire fighting operations and planning. Additional articles wiU be published during the next few months. The fire-resistive construction of the Empire State Building was accomplished by using steel for the frame, and each individual framing member was protected from fire by “fireproofing.” Though it is now recognized that there is no such thing as a “fireproof” building, the method of protecting steel from excessive heat during a fire is known as “fireproofing.” It will be discussed in detail in connection with steel frame construction. Floors of the Empire State Building were made of reinforced concrete. In addition, the spread of fire or smoke from floor to floor was prevented by the enclosure of vertical openings. The interior finish was almost totally noncombustible. In such a building it is possible for a…

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