Your Safety Depends on Equipment

Issue 3 and Volume 123.

Your Safety Depends on Equipment Part 2: Hand and foot protection Safety Engineer Naval Ordnance Systems Command The fire fighting environment is fertile ground for foot injuries that cause permanent as well as temporary disabilities. Boots are necessary to provide protection against these injuries. Boots must have certain qualities designed to reduce the severity of injury to the sole of the foot, the toes, the instep, and the upper leg of the fire fighter. Boots are designed to provide maximum protection when they are pulled all the way up. This prevents glass and other debris from entering the boot and injuring the foot. The use of power saws sets up potential foot injury hazards. Since this equipment has the ability to cut wood, steel and concrete, a mistake in its use can easily remove part of a fireman’s foot. To set up defenses against hazards such as these, boots must…

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