What a Chief Should Know About Fire

Issue 3 and Volume 123.

What a Chief Should Know About Fire Seattle, Wash., Fire Department Adapted from a talk before the Symposium on Needs of the Fire Services conducted by the Committee on Fire Research of the Division of Engineering of the National Research Council. CHIEF Fire problems and, to some degree, fire combat vary widely in America. Problems common in New York City rarely occur in most of the other areas of our country. Hot dry weather coupled with unusual fuel loadings familiar in parts of southern California creates conditions rarely found in moist coastal areas. Fires in mile-high Denver present unusual problems never considered in sea level cities. To a major degree, fire combat in these widely diversified areas is individualized, with an agonizing variation of techniques and use of personnel. Fire fighting in America, due to its parochial fire department unit structure and heavy dependence on part-time fire fighters, coupled with…

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