Mid-Air Rescue Halts Fatal Plunge

Issue 3 and Volume 123.

Mid-Air Rescue Halts Fatal Plunge Photos by Don S. Muhleman, Wheeling, W. Va., News-Register CHIEF Wheeling, W. Va., Fire Department When the victim of a construction equipment accident lost his grip on the face of a building and began a 50-foot plunge to the street, a Wheeling, W. Va., fire fighter on an aerial ladder grabbed him around the waist in mid-air and pulled him onto the ladder. The rescued man, Ernest Brubach, had been working in a boatswain’s chair suspended from the tip of a six-section, cable-operated, telescoping boom with a basket at the end. Suddenly, the boom retracted. Brubach grasped an aluminum bracket installed to support the new facing that was being put on the building. A man working in the basket at top of the five-story building, John Markiewiez, rode the basket down until the boom sections bottomed. The violent stop threw him out of the basket,…

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