A Go-Anywhere Fire Fighter

Issue 3 and Volume 123.

A Go-Anywhere Fire Fighter CHIEF Lansing, Mich. Fire Department The problems created by underground parking facilities and parking ramps have been solved, we feel, by our new mini-fire fighting truck. It carries a John Bean slide-on pump, tank and hose reel unit with a pump capacity of 10 gpm at up to 500 psi. The tank holds 100 gallons of water, and there is 150 feet of 1/2-inch hose on the reel. A Kohler 7-hp engine with an electric starter uses a belt drive to power the Bean Royalette two-piston pump. A pistol-grip, high-pressure nozzle is used on the high-pressure hose. This unit is on a Ford Bronco, Model U-100, four-wheel-drive chassis with 158-hp engine. There is a 3-ton winch mounted on the front of the truck, which has a 92-inch wheelbase. The unit also carries a variety of extinguishers and tools. Our mini-fire fighter is at the Central Fire…

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