The Round Table

Issue 3 and Volume 123.

The Round Table DEPARTMENTS What is the extent of the driver-training program in your department? Are candidates screened as to habits, aptitudes and attitudes? What are the physical, medical and psychophysical tests they are required to take? Joseph H. Clements, Chief, Arlington County, Va.: In our department, driver training is done in the companies during monthly drill sessions. It is conducted by the most qualified and experienced drivers under the overall supervision of the company officers. The men are also allowed to drive back to quarters from fires. The training program includes vehicle handling and control, street and hydrant locations, hookups, pump operation, basic hydraulics, aerial ladder evolutions and other standard operations. We intend to further strengthen our driver training program in the future through better testing procedures and through an increase of training time in our recruit program which we feel will augment the training the new men will…

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