Long Idling Can Cause Diesel Engine Problems

Issue 3 and Volume 123.

Long Idling Can Cause Diesel Engine Problems DEPARTMENTS Apparatus Maintenance Preventive maintenance for diesel engines in the fire service does not depend entirely on the correct selection of lubricating oil, quality of fuel oil, and regularity in changes of oil filters, air cleaners and fuel filters. It includes, so far as possible, avoidance of one of the practices that contribute to increased maintenance and production of some of the problems discussed in previous columns. This is the practice of permitting long idling periods at the scene of an emergency. We are aware of the reasons usually given for such practice, which, in most cases, is not actually necessary. Certainly the cumulative effect of long idling periods with the resulting increase in maintenance requirements should be weighed against this practice as a general procedure. Idling problems: Some of the problems created by long idle periods are: Crankcase sludge Crankcase oil dilution…

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