McCormick Place Protected

Issue 4 and Volume 123.

McCormick Place Protected More extensive fire protection is being built into McCormick Place as the huge exhibition facility that was destroyed by fire in 1967 rises again in Chicago. The main exhibition hall will have rooflevel automatic sprinklers designed to discharge 0.3 gpm per square foot over an area of 4,500 square feet. Also, the steel structural members at the roof level will acquire a 45-minute fire rating through a coating of directly applied fireproofing material. Fire walls and floors with 2 to 4-hour fire ratings will provide 12 fire areas in the new building, and there will be automatic smoke and heat vents for the upper two levels. The structure will have about 20,000 sprinkler heads, 450 fire detectors for air ducts and 225 hose cabinets. Automatic fire pumps will be able to discharge 8,000 gpm of water through 12-inch distribution mains looped through the building at two levels.…

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