What to Note in Pre-Fire Planning

Issue 4 and Volume 123.

What to Note in Pre-Fire Planning Points to consider include apparatus positioning, forcible entry, best use of fog streams, storage of hazardous materials, water supply CHIEF Adapted from a talk before the Symposium on Needs of the Fire Services conducted by the Committee on Fire Research of the Division of Engineering of the National Research Council. All of us realize that the day is long past when the fire department can “play it by ear” whenever a fire occurs in many of our buildings and industrial complexes. We must prepare pre-fire plans for every aspect of the problems we might, and probably will, encounter. Even after we have evolved a plan, one that seems complete in every respect, it must be gone over time after time, seeking flaws, getting fresh viewpoints, and trying it out, if we can. It can be compared to buying a suit of clothes. It looks…

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