Head Markings Identify Higher Strength Bolts

Issue 4 and Volume 123.

Head Markings Identify Higher Strength Bolts Apparatus Maintenance In almost every maintenance facility there is an accumulation of small parts, mostly bolts, nuts and cap screws, saved by thrifty mechanics against the time when an item will again be useful. This “string-saving” can, in moderation, be a virtue, or it might be a serious mistake, depending on the specific use requirement. We refer to the use of a bolt or cap screw that may have the correct body diameter, length and thread pitch yet lack the physical properties for the application with consequent failure. Bolts and cap screws are required to perform satisfactorily in a wide range of applications. Requirements vary from a light or medium tension, as used for sheet metal attachment, to a very heavy tension for such uses as chassis spring brackets or universal joint flanges. For light or medium duty, the bolt or cap screw may…

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