Good Servicing Ensures Dependable Extinguishers

Issue 5 and Volume 123.

Good Servicing Ensures Dependable Extinguishers DEPARTMENTS Industrial Fire Safety Fire extinguishers have their place in every risk, and if the right types and sizes are in the proper locations for use by trained personnel, they are adequate for putting out many incipient fires. This statement, however, leads to a vital question. How well are your extinguishers serviced? Generally, only the largest facilities service and recharge their own portable fire extinguishers. This leaves most of the work to be done by outside contractors, and they should be selected as carefully as a supplier of vital production material. Regretfully, some extinguisher servicing has been done carelessly or improperly because of inadequate training for the job. We shall cite some examples of bad servicing that we have encountered in our personal experience that extends from the East Coast of the United States to the shores of New Zealand. Improper servicing: One group of…

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