Multi-Company Drill Keeps Everyone Busy

Issue 5 and Volume 123.

Multi-Company Drill Keeps Everyone Busy DEPARTMENTS The Volunteers Corner Drills that cover only one or two evolutions are necessary to attain efficiency in completing these evolutions on the fireground. By changing positions as an evolution is repeated, men become accustomed to handling every phase of the operation. But from time to time many evolutions should be combined in one coordinated operation, which is actually what happens on the fireground. This type of drill, might be called a progressive drill because one or more evolutions follow right on the heels of what was done in the previous minute or two. Any building can be used for this type of drill. But if you can use a building with roofs at two levels, you can enjoy a larger range of ladder work. One engine company can participate in this type of drill, but two are better. And if you can also toss…

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