From the Publisher’s Desk

Issue 5 and Volume 123.

From the Publisher’s Desk DEPARTMENTS Laser and the Fire Fighter By research and development, industry continuously grinds out new products and processes that make man’s life better, easier, safer, cheaper, or what have you. Occasionally one of these new products or processes is so outstanding that it is billed as a “boon” to mankind. Unfortunately, many of these products or processes make the fire fighter’s job not only harder but more dangerous. When petroleum products were adapted to widespread use the fire fighter found that his basic tool—water—was practically useless. And it was hard going for a long while until fog and foam hit the scene to make the odds on man’s eternal battle a little more even. Later, the “new” plastics appeared as man’s latest boon. But the boon, under fire conditions, distilled a witch’s brew of chemicals that a fire fighter could not take until industry came out…

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