Universal Coupler For Breathing Units

Issue 6 and Volume 123.

Universal Coupler For Breathing Units How does a fire fighter quickly match the mask he carries in a coat pocket with the proper breathing apparatus when his department carries units made by three manufacturers? That was the problem faced by Los Angeles City fire fighters, who had to make certain that the quick-connect coupling on the breathing hose fit the regulator thread of the back-pack breathing unit they took off the nearest fire apparatus. Couplings and adapters made by Snap-Tite Incorporated of Union City, Pa., solved the problem. Los Angeles City bought couplers with fittings for two basic sizes of mask breathing hoses and adapters for two sizes of threads on regulators. The ball-lock type, quick-connect couplings have two parts. There is a female, or coupler, section that contains locking balls and there is a nipple section with an annular groove in which the balls lock. The balls are locked…

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