The Round Table

Issue 6 and Volume 123.

The Round Table Ventilation is one of the first jobs required at a fire, and is of the utmost importance. What provisions have you made to see that this job is carried out? Are certain men regularly assigned? Is it left to the judgment of the company officer or to the judgment of the men first to arrive? How is it generally accomplished? Donald LaDuke, Training Officer, Flint, Mich.: We frequently discuss the advantages of proper ventilation and if we were more accurate in our appraisal, we would say, the necessity for proper ventilation. Everyone is fully aware of the many normal types of ventilation. The use of fans of one kind or another has become commonplace. We have used our 5,000-cubic-foot-high expansion foam generator as a power ventilator and it moves a great deal of air. We have put quite a bit of time into experimenting with the different…

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