Letters to the Editor

Issue 6 and Volume 123.

Letters to the Editor DEPARTMENTS Pump Gages St. Paul, Minn.: In your Volunteers Corner” column in the April 1970 issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, you have pointed out how the various gages on a pumper panel may be used by the engineer to operate the pumper more effectively. Particularly in the case of the pump pressure gages, however, your advice may have oversimplified the problem. It is quite correct, of course, that if the compound gage reading indicates that the vacuum in the pump section is increasing, even though the volume of water being pumped is not increasing, there is a partial block in the suction hose or strainers. If the vacuum reading drops, however, the problem isn’t so simple. If the cause of a drop in vacuum is air getting into the pump, the pump will speed up and/or the pressure developed by the pump will drop. The tachometer and…

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