WHAT’S NEW/Manufacturers’ Products

Issue 6 and Volume 123.

WHAT’S NEW/Manufacturers’ Products Siren/PA System Kit Heath Industries is introducing the Heathkit Siren/PA system. According to the manufacturer, volunteers and other emergency personnel by building their own systems will be able to effect savings of up to 60 percent. The solid-state GD-18 siren/PA amplifier gives both wail and yelp warnings, depending on the position of the control panel function switch. The siren can be momentarily interrupted for the PA function. The pitch of the siren is adjustable. Siren power output is 55 watts; PA power output is 20 watts. The radio-call-alert feature (when connected to a receiver) amplifies incoming radio calls with 20 watts of power and routes them through the external speaker. Thus emergency personnel can hear important calls even when away from the vehicle. The solid-state circuit, which includes 13 silicon transistors and 5 silicon diodes, will operate in – 20 to +150°F conditions. An exposed or concealed…

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