Pump Operators Face Only Three Basic Situations

Issue 7 and Volume 123.

Pump Operators Face Only Three Basic Situations HUBERT WALKER Contributing Editor Some fire departments provide a manual outlining the operational duties for the officers and men. Such a manual is a valuable reference for the men in the department, but of greater importance is its value for the relationship of each man’s assigned duties in respect to the functioning of the whole company. Fire fighting is teamwork, and the pump operator is an important part of the team. The sequence of action for the pump operator at the fire scene is not always the same. There are three basic conditions which will govern the sequence, which are: (1) water supply at draft, (2) water supply from a positive pressure system (hydrants), and (3) water supply from a relay operation. In this order, pumping at draft requires the most training and exercise of judgment in placing the equipment in operation. Such…

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