Let Your Public Relations Gather Interest—Not Dust

Issue 8 and Volume 123.

Let Your Public Relations Gather Interest—Not Dust Public relations is something all fire department officials agree is desperately needed but no one does anything about. Police departments in the last few years have developed effective public relations programs, which were catapulted by the ushering in of the riot and demonstration era. They grabbed hold of the opportunity and expanded it. The police have learned the value of public relations and larger departments pushed the program with their own personnel. Small departments have made use of interested civilians capable of assisting the police. Fire departments have the same opportunity for good public relations, but it can’t be accomplished without effort. The fireman is probably one of the most dedicated of all public safety employees. From my own experience, I have seen firemen return on their off-duty time to major fires and other disasters, as well as give their free time to…

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