Right-Angle Raise For Pole Ladder

Issue 8 and Volume 123.

Right-Angle Raise For Pole Ladder The Volunteers Corner Raising a pole ladder is complicated by the two things that are intended to make the job safer and easier—the poles. Sometimes called tormentors, the poles can be a torment to a ladder crew that does not understand how the manipulation of poles can maintain the safety of a ladder raise despite sloping terrain. Right-angle raise: The easiest way to raise a pole ladder (or any other ladder) is at right angles to the building. The ladder is placed on the ground with the heel toward the building at the spot where it should be after the raise is completed. The heel man releases and lifts the poles so that the two beam men can continue to lift them and pass them over to the pole men, making almost a 180-degree arc. The ladder is then rolled over on a beam so…

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