Breakup in Flame Is Secret Of New Dry Chemical Power

Issue 10 and Volume 123.

Breakup in Flame Is Secret Of New Dry Chemical Power The fire fighting power of the newest in dry chemical extinguishing agents, Monnex, was observed by more than 130 members of the New York Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers and representatives of industry. The Ansul Company, which has been studying the application of this dry chemical developed by Imperial Chemicals Industries in England, regards the new extinguishing agent as “considerably more effective than Purple K dry chemical.” Those attending the demonstration in May at McArthur Airport near Islip, Long Island, saw hydrocarbon fuel fires handled with a variety of hand extinguishers. The demonstration was the culmination of several years of research for a more efficient dry chemical. During his research, Dereck Birchall of ICI found that the finer a powder is ground, the better are its extinguishing capabilities. On the other hand, coarser powder is essential for…

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