From the Director’s Desk

Issue 10 and Volume 123.

From the Director’s Desk Emergency Coronary Care We had the opportunity to witness a demonstration of Seattle’s mobile intensive coronary care unit at the recent IAFC conference. And we were mightly impressed, not only by the unit but by the record it has to date in saving lives. We learned from Deputy Chief John E. Philbin of Seattle that many people die with hearts that are too good to die. He lays the blame on inadequate ambulance service in many sections of this nation. The chief felt that a person stricken by a coronary deserves the same prompt and skilled response that he would get if his house was on fire. The metropolitan chiefs workshop, which presented a discussion on “operation heartbeat,” supported Chief Philbin. Operation heartbeat is in effect a crusade by leading doctors to get the fire service completely involved in coronary rescue. Three of the doctors who…

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