British Look at Fire Service And See Problems Like Ours

Issue 10 and Volume 123.

British Look at Fire Service And See Problems Like Ours Associate Editor The Holroyd Committee report on the British fire service makes interesting reading in the United States because much of the work done is in the areas that would be examined by a presidential commission that fire service leaders in this country are seeking to have appointed under the Fire Research and Safety Act. When the Holroyd Committee, which included no fire service officers among its 12 members, talks about the increasing number of building fires, recruiting paid men, obtaining more volunteers, training and education, fire prevention, the efficient use of manpower, the role of the insurance industry and fire fighting research, it sounds like an inventory of the problems facing fire departments in the United States. Consolidation of fire departments, a favorite topic of conversation in this country, was considered by the Holroyd committee, which recommended that the…

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