Rapid Water—Friction Nemesis

Issue 1 and Volume 124.

Rapid Water—Friction Nemesis The technique for treating water with minute amounts of long-chain polymers to reduce friction losses and increase flows through fire hose is now entering a new phase. A joint research program by the New York Fire Department and Union Carbide Corporation has resulted in a new, concentrated form (Rapid Water Additive) of one of the most effective polymers, plus basic equipment design that will permit virtually any pumper to apply this friction reducing concept. Two years of development work by NYFD and Union Carbide shows that minute amounts of the Rapid Water Additive (less than 0.02 percent) will cut friction losses as much as 70 percent and produce an equivalent increase in flow. And the new form—a slurry in a nonfreeze vehicle—permits a pumper to carry in a 20-gallon reservoir enough Rapid Water to treat 120,000 gallons of water. Moreover, the prototype equipment design anticipates most variations…

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