Gasoline Inferno on Turnpike

Issue 1 and Volume 124.

Gasoline Inferno on Turnpike When a flatbed semi-trailer truck crashed through the steel rail median divider and slammed into a semitanker truck carrying 7,800 gallons of gasoline, a call was made to the Fairfield, Conn., Fire Department for “first aid and rescue.” The automatic response was two engine companies and a ladder company. While responding to the alarm at 7:27 p.m. last July 31 in a car as platoon commander, I saw dense black smoke when I was four miles from the crash and I immediately radioed for a second alarm. When first-due Engine 4 reached the scene, the officer reported, “There’s fire everywhere!” This statement was not an exaggeration. In avoiding a spinning auto, the eastbound flatbed crashed through the median divider steel rail and struck the westbound tanker behind the cab. Both drivers lost their lives. The crash resulted in an explosion that released most of the load…

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