Warning in Skyscraper Fire

Issue 2 and Volume 124.

Warning in Skyscraper Fire The fire that raged through two stories of a 50-story New York City skyscraper should be regarded as a warning to take a close look at the fire hazards in modern skyscrapers, W. Robert Powers told the New York Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. Powers, secretary of the New York Board of Fire Underwriters and superintendent of its Board of Fire Protection, called fire-resistive buildings misnamed and declared, “Modern buildings contain many more combustible components and finishes than those built in the past. Buildings of this type erected in this plastic age should more correctly be called ‘semi-combustible’.” Referring to One New York Plaza in Manhattan, with 50 stories and three basement levels, as a “typical modern skyscraper,” Powers said that the fire that raged through the 33rd and 34th floors of this building, took two lives and caused nearly $10 million damage…

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