Fog Streams Eject Smoke

Issue 3 and Volume 124.

Fog Streams Eject Smoke and Senior Instructors How many times have you called for a smoke ejector after knocking down a fire? With the fire knocked down, heat, smoke and gases, as well as steam, continue to cause damage to a building and its contents, as well as hamper operations. Most of us have experienced this situation. At this point in the fire fighting operation, our goal is to replace the contaminated and heated atmosphere inside the building with clear fresh air so that the extinguishment can be completed more easily and safely, and smoke damage minimized. Many of us may not have considered a quick solution to this problem. This is the hose line—yes, the same line used to bring the fire under control. It’s there, so why not use it? Some time ago, the question of the effectiveness of fog streams as a ventilation tool was raised. The…

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