Alternators for Fire Apparatus

Issue 6 and Volume 124.

Alternators for Fire Apparatus Alternator reliability, a critical consideration on any vehicle, must be near perfect on fire apparatus. Correct selection of the alternator and its related equipment is, of course, a major factor in assuring good performance. Although good preventive maintenance of the system is also essential, it is the purpose of this article to explore some of the most significant considerations in selecting the correct alternator for the job. Selection of the alternator, regulator and, where required, the 110-volt power supply is based primarily on current demands. The alternator must be sized to provide adequate current output to keep the batteries fully charged even under severe electrical demands. Alternator output is a function of its rotational speed, which in turn is directly related to engine speed, taking into account the ratio of the belt drive between the engine and the alternator. Output of the alternator is normally presented…

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