From the Publisher’s Desk

Issue 6 and Volume 124.

From the Publisher’s Desk DEPARTMENTS Hydraulics Study Guide Soon after the first issue of Fire Service Hydraulics 2nd Edition was sold—or maybe it was the second or third—we began getting requests for a question and answer book based on the text. At first we thought these were just random requests. But by the time the first thousand was sold (practically in the first month) we had really gotten the message. So, soon afterward Dick Sylvia, our associate editor, holed himself up with typewriter, reams of paper, a little metal monster that could add, multiply and divide and, of course, the text, Fire Service Hydraulics 2nd Edition. We haven’t seen too much of him since then, but about two months ago quantities of printer’s galleys began piling up on his desk and it looks like the fruits of his labors will appear in July. The book, titled “Questions and Answers—A Study…

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