Know Your Pump Capability In Terms of Hose Lengths

Issue 6 and Volume 124.

Know Your Pump Capability In Terms of Hose Lengths DEPARTMENTS The Volunteers Corner In pre-fire planning target hazards, you determine the lengths of the hose stretches you expect to use between the fire and the available hydrants and /or drafting spots. In a city with a good hydrant system, the problem is relatively simple because it involves hose lays of only hundreds of feet. But in communities with hydrants spaced far apart—or with no hydrant system at all—the problem becomes critical because it can involve hose stretches of a couple of thousand feet. This in turn raises the question of the volume of water that engines can pump through hose lines of various lengths. The limiting factors, of course, are the hose diameter, the rated capacity of the pump and a somewhat arbitrary selection of 250 psi as the highest pressure at which a volume pump should be operated. Pumps…

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