‘Experience’ for Texas Recruits

Issue 7 and Volume 124.

‘Experience’ for Texas Recruits “Experience is what we’re selling, not a training program,” explained David White, coordinator of a new recruit training school conducted through the Firemen’s Training School at Texas A&M University. “When a man has to fight a 6000gallon tank full of flammable fuel with about 2000 gallons overflowing, he can’t walk away without learning invaluable information,” White said. “Most firemen work for a department for years and are never faced with an unusual problem. Then one day—bang, and he’s not real sure what to do. “We have people coming through our program who know what to do and how to do it,” he declared. White is one of seven instructors in A&M’s Engineering Extension Service. Headed by Chief Instructor Henry D. Smith, the fire training division is charged with providing the finest training for firemen who cannot receive training anywhere else. It means offering all types of…

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