Death in the Home

Issue 8 and Volume 124.

Death in the Home The Editor’s Opinion Page Statistics down through the years indicate that almost one out of every four of the known causes of fires was brought about by smoking and matches. Misuse of electrical and heating-cooking appliances ran a close second and third. Not far behind was the category, children and matches. Another statistic tells us that about one-fourth of all fire damage and one-half of all deaths occur in residences. And, sad to say, one-third of these fatalities are children. Reinforcing these general statistics, we find that residential fires for the year 1968 (the latest available) represent 29.4 per cent of all fires. Storage occupancies were next at 13.1 percent with industrial and mercantile occupancies running close behind. Institutional occupancies, which receive a lot of attention and regulation (and, on occasion, horrifying headlines), have the lowest dollar fire loss at .5 percent of the total. The…

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