Volunteers Mark 100 Years Of Service in Pottstown, Pa.

Issue 8 and Volume 124.

Volunteers Mark 100 Years Of Service in Pottstown, Pa. When the volunteer fire companies in Philadelphia were replaced by a paid department 100 years ago, some of their apparatus became available. At the same time, the citizens of Pottstown, Pa., 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia, realized the need for a Fire department after two disastrous Fires in the latter part of 1870. After some agitation, the council bought a piece of apparatus from Philadelphia Hose Company No. 18, which arrived in January 1871. The Grecian Band Minstrels, who gave exhibitions in Pottstown and surrounding villages, took an active part in preparations to organize a fire company, and a town meeting was held January 3, 1871, when quite a few citizens organized a fire company. Argument over name The rivalry between the Philadelphia and Goodwill Fire Companies of Philadelphia was injected into the question of a name for the new company…

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