Issue 8 and Volume 124.

WHAT’S NEW DEPARTMENTS Manufacturers’ Products Alternator Winpower Mfg. Company announces a portable engine-driven alternator. The new unit, GM4B-A, is rated at 4000 watts, 120/240 volts, singlephase, 60 cycles, AC, and is powered by an 8-hp Briggs & Stratton engine. The unit is equipped with the solidstate Econ-o-mizer idling control, which automatically controls the engine speed. The engine idles when power is not required and revs up to full engine speed when tools or appliances are switched on. The alternator operates at 3600 rpm and weighs only 160 pounds. Circle No. 32 on Reader Service Card Searchlight An ultra-high-intensity, hand-held searchlight, producing over 1 million candlepower—enough to provide usable illumination at a range of over 3/4 of a mile—is available from Christie Electric Corporation. It also can be used at close range and can be converted into an invisible infrared light source. The new unit is an addition to the company’s…

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