Letters to the Editor

Issue 8 and Volume 124.

Letters to the Editor DEPARTMENTS Wingspread Reminder Russell, Ky.: While I was rereading Don Favreau’s book, “Fire Service Management,” the note drawn to the September 1967 issue of your magazine caused me to dig out my old copy and reread it also. I think you should do the same. It was extremely interesting to me to read in the report of Fire Engineering’s symposium on the challenge of the 70s, Chief John O’Hagan’s thoughts on a study of the New York Fire Department by a systems analyst and then to realize that the Rand Study is completed and some of its suggestions implemented. In the same report, you blacked in William E. Clark’s timely remark, “Nobody has the guts to take action” (i.e. prevention). Now I understand that he, too, has conducted a survey in three areas of Prince George’s County, Md., to determine the if, when, how and why…

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