Year End Sees Fire Service Gains

Issue 9 and Volume 124.

Year End Sees Fire Service Gains DEPARTMENTS From the Publisher’s Desk The IAFC Conference (and autumn) seems to harbinger the end of the fire service conferences and schools season. Our March listings for schools, for instance, ran to two columns, but by October it will be down to about 2 inches. The same goes for conferences. Actually we can’t decide whether or not the IAFC Conference begins the fire service year, or ends it. But it would seem fitting that this, the largest conference and exhibition, ends the year—this one on a note of celebration. At long last, the federal government has provided funds for the Fire Research and Safety Act of 1968. Under Title I of this act, the secretary of commerce is authorized to carry out the provisions of the act through the National Bureau of Standards which is under the Department of Commerce. Work is already under…

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