Hydrant-Fast Hookup With Suction Hose Left in Water

Issue 12 and Volume 124.

Hydrant-Fast Hookup With Suction Hose Left in Water During the May Day demonstrations in Washington, D.C., it was felt that Alexandria, Va., might also become involved because it has government installations and bridges used by many government workers. The Woodrow Wilson Bridge was considered one of the danger spots because of the traffic load and its isolation from a water source even with the Potomac River beneath it. Precautionary plans were made to control auto or flammable liquid fires on the bridge. Since the draw part was felt to be the vital section, plans were made mostly for the protection of that area. The hydrant at Royal and South Streets was designated for any emergency west to Washington Street and east toward the draw. Two 2 1/2-inch hose lines (one with a gate) were left connected to the hydrant for supplying a pumper. This location was some distance back from…

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