Booster Tanks Require Adequate Venting System

Issue 12 and Volume 124.

Booster Tanks Require Adequate Venting System The subject of booster tank venting is one which is little understood by many users of fire apparatus. It plays an important part in the operation of pumpers. The purpose of a venting device on a booster tank is two-fold. First, the device must permit adequate air to enter the tank when water is being drawn out by the pump to keep the air pressure inside the tank equal to the ambient atmospheric pressure. If venting is not adequate, the flow of water to the pump will be impaired and the tank will be subject to possible damage from the vacuum induced. Secondly, the device must allow air to escape from the tank when it is being filled. If there is not an adequate escape of air, then the tank will be difficult to fill and will be subject to damage if it is…

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