11 Men Burned Fighting Car Fire in Home Garage

Issue 12 and Volume 124.

11 Men Burned Fighting Car Fire in Home Garage Eleven San Francisco fire fighters were burned when gasoline vapors ignited while they were fighting a small fire around an auto in the basement garage of a home. The gasoline tank cap had blown off during the fire. When an auto is burning in a garage, it is standard procedure in San Francisco to push it to the street and then extinguish the fire. In the Ingleside District fire at 10:52 p.m. last March 11, however, it was impossible to do this because of the steep ramp up to the street. A small fire around the auto was quickly extinguished, and the hood was raised to check for fire when the gasoline tank cap blew off as a result of the expansion of gas caused by the heat of the fire. Fire fighters, aware of the danger, immediately shut off a…

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