Winter Inspection of Cooling And Air Brake Systems

Issue 12 and Volume 124.

Winter Inspection of Cooling And Air Brake Systems DEPARTMENTS Apparatus MAINTENANCE The semiannual inspection and maintenance of fire apparatus is more than just a routine. It provides maintenance essential to reliable service during the two weather extremes, winter and summer. Apparatus maintenance is measurably increased by the salt used on winter roads. Sanding and touching up paint is a must to protect against corrosion, especially on cab floor plates and side and rear steps. Also, areas where side steps join other sheet metal panels and fenders need close inspection. The salt road spray enters every spot where paint is loose or worn away. One of the problems in paint repair is compatibility. When paints are not compatible, flaking and peeling occur. Paints used for color coats on fire apparatus may be acrylic, nitrocellulose, epoxy or enamel. Where the surface is rough or difficult to clean, the epoxy finish is proving…

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