The Round Table

Issue 12 and Volume 124.

The Round Table DEPARTMENTS “Breathing apparatus carried on fire department apparatus shall be as specified in NFPA Standard No. 19, Chapter 9, which requires self-contained breathing apparatus having United States Bureau of Mines approval and one-half hour minimum service life.” This was from Standard 19B adopted by the annual NFPA meeting in San Francisco last May. In effect it eliminated the filter canister mask for fire fighter use. And recommends that only self-contained apparatus with a minimum half hour duration rating be used. Does this standard have any impact on your department? If so, what steps have you taken—Thrown out filter masks? Masks with less than 30 minutes duration? Curtis E. Magruder, Chief, Billings, Mont.: The all-service (filter canister) mask was replaced by self-contained breathing apparatus in our department some years ago. We also discontinued the use of self-generating breathing apparatus when we obtained self-contained air masks. We also have…

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