From the Publisher’s Desk

Issue 1 and Volume 125.

From the Publisher’s Desk With this issue, Fire Engineering enters its 96th year of publication—a record we are proud_ of and one which only a few magazines (in any field) exceed. We feel that the credit for this continued success belongs to the, by now, vast legion of subscribers who even a half century ago had dubbed Fire Engineering the bible of the fire service. Credit, of course, also belongs to the many editors who down through the long years have provided the “what, why and how” for the fire service. Editorially, it has been a difficult job since the fire service is so diverse. What might be of interest and use (computers, for instance) to the chief of Chicago is not necessarily of interest and use to the chief of a small volunteer department in the farm country—and vice versa. So it is with a step-by-step account of the…

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