New York F.D. Conducts Fire Tests in High Rise

Issue 9 and Volume 125.

New York F.D. Conducts Fire Tests in High Rise Wide World photo. On August 5, 1970, a fire of major proportions occurred in One New York Plaza, a new, 50-story, office building. It spread from the point of origin on the 33rd floor to the 34th floor and involved an area of approximately 20,000 square feet on each floor. Structural damage was extensive and the contents were almost completely incinerated. Two occupants lost their lives and many others were seriously injured. The results of this fire were particularly disturbing because high rise buildings are not supposed to allow fire to extend vertically from floor to floor, or horizontally from one compartment to another. Physiological restraints and the limitations of the building fire protection systems preclude the successful control of fires of this magnitude by manual fire fighting. The analysis of the fire indicated that the rapid development of the fire…

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