Tests Show Masks Leak On 8 Pct. of Fire Fighters

Issue 11 and Volume 125.

Tests Show Masks Leak On 8 Pct. of Fire Fighters Tests made with 100 fire fighters wearing self-contained breathing apparatus showed that 8 percent of them experienced mask leakages of more than 0.5 percent, according to a report made to the National Bureau of Standards. The tests were conducted by William A. Burgess of the Harvard School of Public Health for the Fire Service Section of the Fire Technology Division of the NBS. The breathing apparatus tested were all the same demand type, all of which had the same model face piece, and the men participating in the tests were 50 Boston and 50 Cambridge, Mass., fire fighters. Burgess referred to the leakages of more than 0.5 percent as “significant leakages for a portion of the fire fighter population.” He pointed out that all tests were made “in the station house under rather ideal conditions. One can expect that leakages…

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