Emergency Service Expands

Issue 11 and Volume 125.

Emergency Service Expands The Editor’s Opinion Page Way, way back as a youthful fire fighter, we responded to a gas leak in a Brooklyn YMCA swimming pool. As we entered the lobby, we were met by a slightly pungent odor and an excited desk clerk who told us that “there’s an attendant trapped down there!” We were somewhat skeptical of this message since we had responded to several “cries of wolf” in our short fire fighting career. Included were “there’s an old lady in a wheelchair on the top floor,” (there wasn’t) and “there’s a woman and three kids trapped in the rear,” (there weren’t). But we couldn’t be sure, so four fire fighters and a youthful lieutenant went charging down the basement stairs. In a few minutes we came charging up the stairs, coughing and choking. Meantime, the “trapped attendant,” who had snapped a connection on a chlorine tank,…

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