Review of Recommendations To Prevent, Control Fires

Issue 1 and Volume 126.

Review of Recommendations To Prevent, Control Fires Industrial Fire Safety Great advancements in fire safety through legislation have been made in the year just passed. As a new year begins, we hope 1973 will be a banner period in which, through cooperation and understanding, a fire-safe environment can be created for all of us, at work, at home and in travel. From our columns of 1972, we direct your attention to recommendations on which special emphasis must be placed to attain the goal of a firesafe year. January: “Precautions Necessary With Hydraulic Fluids.” Consideration should be given in all new equipment orders to equipment designed to operate efficiently on fluids other than petroleum oils. This will automatically reduce fire loss possibilities and, in some cases, fire protection requirements. Replace all petroleum oil fluids with those of less flammability on all equipment. We know that this may not be feasible in…

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