U.S. Fire Administration

Issue 6 and Volume 126.

U.S. Fire Administration If there is to be “any significant reduction in fire losses, the commission asserted, “the federal government must at some cost help the nation attack the fire problem.” The report called for federal help in providing better training and equipment for fire fighters, developing educational programs for preventing fires, and assisting fire research. “Accordingly, the commission recommends that Congress establish a United States fire administration to provide a national focus for the nation’s fire problem and to promote a comprehensive program with adequate funding to reduce life and property loss from fire,” the report stated. “Paramount among the objectives,” the report continued, “is to assist local fire services to improve their effectiveness and broaden their responsibilities from primarily fire suppression to a ‘fire loss management’ orientation designed to prevent fires from happening and reducing their consequences when they occur.” Other functions of the U.S. fire administration would…

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